U. S. Air Force


U. S. Army
Raymond Allen ~ SFC US Army

Enoch Andrew Ballanger ~ PFC US Army

William Larry Byrd ~ CPT US Army

John Alvin Franklin ~ SGT US Army

Charles Larry Guthrie ~ SP4 US Army

Billy Ray Head ~ SFC US Army

Eddie Herman Holland ~ SGT US Army

Scott E. Killingsworth ~ SP4 US Army

Samuel Stephen Lance ~ PFC US Army

Anthony Irvin Lee ~ CPL US Army

Dennis Carol Melton ~ SP4 US Army

Roland Edward Rush ~ PFC US Army

Edward Lamar Simmons ~ SP4 US Army

Billie Haywood Smith ~ SP4 US Army

Richard Eugene Tucker ~ PFC US Army

Gary Edwin Ward ~ PFC US Army

Thomas Arthur Watson ~ CPL US Army

U. S. Marine Corp
Jimmy Tony Morris ~ PFC USMC

Marion Elijah Patrick ~ PFC USMC

James Conley Stoner ~ SGT USMC

William Lee Terrell ~ CPL USMC

Dennis Ray Wallin ~ CPL USMC

James Joseph Wiley ~ PVT USMC

U. S. Navy


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