U. S. Air Force


U. S. Army
Melvin R. Bell ~ PFC US Army

Earnest H. Boman ~ SGT US Army

James B. Busby ~ PFC US Army

Earl F. Clayton ~ PV2 US Army

Joe H. Duvall ~ PV2 US Army

Lewis R. Fincher ~ PFC US Army

Dewey L. Finney ~ PV2 US Army

William H. Green ~ SGT US Army

William A. Hamilton ~ PFC US Army

Jere D. Hicks ~ PV2 US Army

Thomas W. Hill ~ PFC US Army

James E. Jackson ~ CPL US Army

Collumn Jaffar ~ PV2 US Army

Alfred L. Knox ~ CPL US Army

J. T. Ledford ~ PFC US Army

Harley O. Lowery ~ PV2 US Army

K. D. Maxwell ~ SFC US Army

John H. McKee ~ PFC US Army

James F. Pangle ~ PFC US Army

Carl H. Rice ~ PV2 US Army

William H. Robinson ~ PFC US Army

Cecil Rudd ~ SGT US Army

John H. M. Smith ~ PFC US Army

Dewey L. Stephenson ~ CPL US Army

James W. Stoner ~ CPL US Army

U. S. Marines


U. S. Navy


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