Walker County, Georgia

"W" Marriages By Bride

Donnie Walters 27 Aug 1917 A. R. Brewer
Clarissa Belle Wardlaw 12 Jun 1912 N. Romer Henderson
Mary Eta Warren 16 Apr 1911 James Bird
Martha Webb 21 Aug 1947 C. A. Brewer
Myrtle Wells 05 Feb 1916 George Hicks
Eula West 27 Jun 1910 Willie A. Brewer
Ruby N. West 01 Jan 1911 Scott Hicks
ider Whitacer 02 Sep 1908 Charley Henderson
Tinie White 24 Nov 1918 A. L. Henderson
Emma Williams 28 Aug 1898 Joseph Shields
Lula Williams 15 Oct 1893 Claud Bird
Polly Wyatt 10 Oct 1920 Frans D. Bird

"W" Marriages By Groom


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