Walker County, Georgia

"C" Marriages By Bride

Vera Camp 13 Aug 1914 E. G. Henderson
Jessie L. Carlock 24 Dec 1908 Harold F. Shields
Mable Carter 10 Mar 1915 A. R. Henderson
Mary Cartwright 15 Feb 1919 William Munrow Bridges
Ruth Chapman 29 Dec 1917 Tony Bridges
Hazel Chrisman 21 Jul 1942 Paul Elden Brewer
Emma Clark 30 Apr 1918 C. R. Bird
Mary Clark 20 May 1916 Charlie Henderson
Elisabeth Cole 29 Jul 1900 M. R. Hicks
Lena Cooper 09 Oct 1891 L. Bird
Queen Cooper 02 Jul 1911 S. C. Bird
Emma Cothran 03 Dec 1899 Singleton Henderson

"C" Marriages By Groom


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